Zhang Junxiang

Zhang Junxiang
December 17, 1910—November 14, 1996

Zhang Junxiang, a native of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, was a famous film director, screenwriter and film industry entrepreneur.

After graduating from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of Tsinghua University in 1931, he went to the Drama Academy of Yale University to study directing and stage production in 1936. In 1939, he returned to China and taught in the Stated-run Academy of Drama in the liberated areas. He had created numbers of drama scripts such as Story of Border Town and Teacher for All Generations, and directed famous dramas like Spallation and Peking Man, exerting extensive influence among the audience. In 1947, he took up movie making, wrote and directed films such as Diary about Returning to the Native and Lucky Son-in-Law, revealing the ugly reality of the “robbery” and pillage of Kuomintang reactionaries after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War by making striking contrast and poignant sarcasm through skillful use of comedy methods, which was highly appreciated by the media and favored by the audience. After liberation, he entered Shanghai Film Studio and worked as a director, where he directed or wrote a number of outstanding films, such as Banner over Green Cliff, The Letter with Feathers, Liao Yuan and Doctor Bethune. His film followed the traditions of realism and was made meticulously with a plain and simple style. Between 1979 and 1982, he held a concurrent post as the Deputy Director General of the State Administration of Film of the Ministry of Culture and played an important part in the renaissance of the film industry in China after the “Cultural Revolution”.


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